January 13, 2012

To Market ... To Market

Porcelain Spoon

Porcelain Spoons

Porcelain Necklace

This week I have 2 new pieces to show you, as I couldn't decide which ones to show.

Please excuse the bad photography and background - I was in a bit of a rush.

First of all I have made these lovely little spoons. They are just divine, and I think I'll make some little bowls to match. I will sell them as a set or separately.

Next I have this gorgeous necklace in Southern Ice Porcelain and Sterling Silver. I handrolled all the individual beads for this piece, then decorated them in tiny little blue spots, before firing.

There are matching little earrings to go with them - normally I'm not too much of a 'matchy matchy' person, but I do like these 2 pieces together. I really love this piece, and think I'll make another one next week for myself.