April 6, 2011

Parker Update

at the beach

"what are you doing down there Mum?"

Anyone who reads my blog would know that we are Puppy Raising a Guide Dog called Parker.

Parker just loves the beach, especially when he gets let off his lead to play with all the other dogs. Here is a photo of him at Seven Mile Beach, and also one of him trying to see what I'm doing in the Laundry (where his food is!!) He did persevere unsuccessfully to get through the cat flap to his food for at least a week.

But did you know that it costs approx $30,000 to raise a Guide Dog...

Even though the Puppy Raisers are volunteers, there are still costs like Vet bills, Toys, Training, Coats, Leads, Food etc... that need to be paid for.

You can help by making a tax deductible donation by going to the

Royal Guide Dogs Tas website and making a donation... every little bit helps!!!!

And don't forget to forward it on to everyone else you know