April 3, 2011

Apron Design Market

pendant from the Coastal Collection

'inspired by Vintage Crockery pieces washed up on a Tasmanian Beach'

Even though the rain came down and the wind blew on Friday Evening, it was amazing the amount of shoopers that turned up.

Saturday saw the sun shine and it was a beautiful Autumn Day. More shoppers were out and about and it was lovely to meet some new customers and also see some regulars. I even saw a few with some of my hoop earrings on that they had previously bought. Of course when I mentioned that you can now buy extra "swip 'n' swap" pieces they all jumped at the chance.

Some shoppers even came on both the Friday Evening and also on Saturday.

I took my little bitty camera to take some snaps, but forgot to check the batteries, so didn't get any shots of my stall, but I have popped some photos of some of the new 'Coastal Collection' pieces that I took along.

Today I spent the morning having a sleep-in, and the afternoon putting up a pergola around my studio, and planting some Chinese Star Jasmine around the posts.

Hopefully the jasmine will cover my dodgy building skills.

Now all I have to do is wait for it all to grow, so that when I walk into the Studio I can capture the beautiful aroma of the jasmine.