March 8, 2011

The Bungalow

When we moved into our property 10 years ago there was a little shed out the back
We are not sure what the original function was, but it had dado on the walls, and lovely little wooden windows that opened out
Somewhere along the way a garage door was installed and it became a "shed"
I really liked the idea of bringing the building back to life, but instead it got filled with junk and bits and bobs and just sat there, unloved and neglected
Finally.... after years of waiting she slowly came back to life...
My Dad helped me with all the renovations
First we built on a bathroom, with tongue n groove walls to match the dado
Removed the garage roller door and added a large sliding door into the garden
Then off to IKEA for a cheap but simple freestanding kitchen unit
& installed a microwave/convection oven
After being stripped (the original walls were a horsehair plaster that had badly cracked over time)
We insulated and sanded and painted
I kept the floor concrete, and painted in a concrete paint, as I didn't want the expense of new flooring
The lights are Vintage Chinese lanterns that I had converted into overhead lights
Here she is so far... set up for an overnight guest to sleep on a futon bed
Eventually I will change the lounge over to a more convenient sofa bed and pop some interesting pieces on the walls. It lacks artwork, rugs, books etc.. but they will be added over time
The bathroom looks out onto a private 'buddha fernery' which I have only recently planted, so it will be interesting to see it when it is fully grown

I have added some pieces from local designers that I pick up at Markets & Galleries
A John Watson fish
Some lovely felt bowls
Small artwork pieces
as well as a selection of Vintage Green & Pink Glassware and Silverware

As we live quite close to the beach I have kept the design simple with coastal colours