November 22, 2010

It's over

No more Markets for me until next year.
Last Friday evening saw me at The Apron Design Market in Seaport.
Back again on Saturday to more crowds of shoppers and more fun.
Then I drove back to Hobart, and got up on Sunday morning and did The Market.
Having sold nearly all my hoop earrings in Launceston I did a quick trip to the gallery and picked up some I had in stock there.
There was quite a crowd built up by 10.30, but people were polite and happy to wait.
With no more hoop earrings left, and a severe dent in the other jewellery pieces and Christmas Ornaments I finally came back home, where I spent the next 2 hours weeding the garden, as it hasn't been touched for months!!
Sorry about the lack of photo's... I was too busy to take any.