April 1, 2010

Hoppy Easter

Wishing you all a Happy Easter.
Dad is minding the house, whilst we hop up to the East Coast for a few days of well earned R&R.

Am really looking forward to just sitting on the beach – reading, playing with the boys, enjoying a glass of wine.

Also intend to do a “little” bit of work – just something small and easy (ie: travels well) that I have been working on. My work doesn’t usually allow me to take it along, but I have been working on a new design that incorporates something that I can do anywhere, which is handy when I want to go away. (No rest for the weary, wicked or ambitious)

Anyway... drive carefully if you are on the roads.

Will be coming back next week to......

1: Tidy up the house (it is really terrible at the moment)
2: Work at the Gallery on Friday (I enjoy this)
3: Do 2 Markets back to back (what was I thinking?)