March 30, 2010

Mathilda's Debut

Mathilda’s Market was a huge success.
I must admit that I was a little nervous the day before, as it was Mathilda’s 1st time in Hobart and it takes a while for word to get around.
I need not have worried.. once the doors were opened at 9am there were people coming and going all through the day. The set up was great for prams and wide enough so that people could stop and shop, without being moved along by the crowd. The room was lit up with lovely natural light.

The customers all enjoyed a variety of stalls, with something for everyone.
As a stallholder it was nice to see some businesses that I hadn’t seen before Cushie Tushies, Miss Haidee, Sunday's Child
Not to mention some old familiar faces - Ruby Victoria Letterpress, Isis, What Katie Did Next.
I had some previous Market Customers buying some of my new products and SOLD OUT of my Vintage Range of Coasters, Vases and Tea Lights. I also did some fantastic shopping and some “swapping” of pieces for a Mirror “H” (for Henry) from Ally Pops, a brooch and bookmark from Notions, and a beautiful cushion from Little Snoring.
Next time I really need to purchase one of Frog & Lilly's gorgeous winter beanies.
Anne and the ladies did a fabulous job of organising everything.
All in all everyone had a wonderful time and Mathilda’s will surely be a Market not to be missed in the future.
(Sorry about the lack of photo's... too busy chatting, serving & shopping)