February 11, 2010

Kiln Trouble AGAIN

If you read my blog, you would know that I bought a little kiln from Woodrow Kilns late last year. I had a few thermocouples burn out, and hopefully that problem has been fixed by replacing it with a larger, and hopefully more durable one.
Well now one of the elements have burnt out.
It seemed to happen quite suddenly... one day it looked normal, and the next was all brown and burnt out. I spoke to Sue at Woodrow, and they have decided it would be best for me to send the kiln back, and they will redo the elements for me. Unfortunately that means no kiln for a week or two.
Luckily Dennis at Derwent Ceramic Supplies can do my Earthenware and Stoneware firings for me. In a way it would be good to take the opportunity to catch up on some glazing and to make some plates and mugs for my new kinder range.. which if they are successful I will take to Mathilda's in March.