December 13, 2009


I have lot's of new products in the pipeline for 2010.
A Coastal Collection of Jewellery
made in Southern Ice Porcelain & White Leather
Inspired by vintage crockery washed up on Tasmanian Beaches
A Mini Range of Jewellery
made in Southern Ice Porcelain
A mini butterfly collection of necklaces with Sterling Silver
A mini collection of brooches
A range of colourful porcelain beads on leather for the girls & guys
A Garden Range
Terracotta Garden Stakes
Terracotta Garden Stars to hang from your trees
In Southern Ice Porcelain
A Tableware Range with soft organic curves
A Tableware range for kids with handstamped wording like
"vegetables are yummy in my tummy"
And don't forget my Xmas Range
New & Exciting Porcelain & Felt Ornaments for 2010
As well as a fabric Advent Calendar